Strategic Investments

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE || INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA - Think Wall Street offers the only opportunities in finance and investing? Think again. Successful finance and investment careers await through private industry, nonprofit and government organizations as well as the real estate sector. Now is the time to prepare for your chosen career path. (Enrollment for Winter '20 is Open Now!)

This program is perfect for...

...students who want to prepare for careers in Finance and Investing. Developed by the UCSB Department of Economics, this program will help anyone seeking to gain a deep understanding of the forces that govern all types of financial markets through a rich blend of lectures, guest speakers and hands-on projects.

What you'll learn

Principles of Micro and Macro Economics
Principles of Finance and Financial Accounting
Quantitative and Impact Investment Strategies
Ethics in Finance
Risk Management
Fundamentals of the Real Estate, Bond and Stock Markets


Program Prerequisites: (Have completed with a grade of C or higher)

Additional Required Course: (2 Units)

Prerequisites: ECON X499.1 and ECON X499.2

ECON X499.4 - Portfolio Management (2 Units)(Winter/Spring)

Elective Courses: (Minimum of 3 Units Required)

Prerequisites: ECON X499.3 and ECON X499.4

X499.10 - Stocks and the Stock Market (1 Unit)(Spring)
X499.11 - Real Estate Markets (1 Unit)(Spring)
X499.12 - Bond Markets (1 Unit)(Spring)
X499.13 - Quantitative Investing (1 Unit)(Spring)
X499.14 - Impact Investing (1 Unit)(Spring)
X499.15 - Exchange-Traded Funds (1 Unit)(Spring)

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