Open University

Don't miss the opportunity to enroll in UCSB Academic Courses at a world-class research university!

What is Open University?

The popular Open University Program is available to the public and allows you the opportunity to learn at a world-class research university. With hundreds of courses to choose from, you can enroll in classes of interest, providing you meet course prerequisites and space is available. Experience the rewards of being on campus and learning from UCSB’s distinguished faculty while paying on a per-unit basis – all without being formally admitted to UCSB. Enroll in Open University in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Scholarships are available!

Who & Why?

High School Students - start college early
UCSB Seniors - save time and money with Open University
Career professionals - expand your expertise by taking advanced courses in your sector
Community - Earn degree credit towards the completion of your degree

Young Scholars Program

Did you know that you can take UCSB courses toward your college credits before you finish high school?

The Young Scholar Program offers you, a high-achieving, pre-college student in the local area, an opportunity to begin university-level study while you're still in high school. Qualified high school students are nominated by their school guidance counselors or principals. Talk to your school counselors or contact us to know more. Enrollment for Young Scholars Program is for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.

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UCSB Seniors

Save on tuition costs, complete final classes for graduation and graduate on time.

If you are a qualified graduating senior, you can take any outstanding courses in the fall, winter, or spring quarters through Open University, and save on campus-based fees, as well as save on time by not waiting for the summer. You must be in good academic standing and have department and college approval prior to enrolling through Open University.

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Career Professionals

Expand your knowledge, advance your career, and learn at a top-rated university.

Did you know that you don't need to be formally admitted to UCSB to take UCSB courses? Use Open University to enroll in any of the UCSB courses. Further, your education, sharpen your expertise, learn something new, be on campus, and enjoy all that UCSB has to offer as a state of the art research institute. Contact us to know more

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Meet prerequisites for advanced degrees, resume your academic study, start college early and earn credits towards the completion of your degree.

If you live on California's Central Coast, you have access to one of the top 10 public universities in the country! Take advantage of that to further your education at your own pace. Take UCSB courses through our Open University and enhance your subject matter expertise and re-discover your academic self.

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Like his father, Danny discovered how well Open University worked for his own pursuit of medical school. Though he had to crash courses, Danny found that this actually worked in his favor. Asking the professors to allow him to enroll as an PaCE student showed the faculty that he was interested in their courses. As an Open University student, Danny forged relationships with many faculty who later wrote recommendation letters and helped him get lab assistant work.
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