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Python Programming

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE || INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA - This program provides students with a set of skills necessary to successfully perform python related programming projects. The courses consist of both practical knowledge and hands-on experience with the Python language and the programming techniques used in the industry. Through the elective courses, students will be able to apply the knowledge obtained to other areas other than technology and experience the benefits of Python.

This program is perfect for...

...professionals wanting to learn python programming. No prior coding experience necessary, however, comfort with computing is. This program offers a convenient schedule for working professionals and full-time students. Start your coding career off right!

This Python programming professional certificate program is offered in collaboration with UC San Diego Extension. Our two institutions work together to provide you with a specialized, detailed, and career-focused program that will give you the tools you need! Welcome!


What You'll Learn

Introduction to Programming

This course introduces first-time programmers to foundation programming techniques and principles using the Python Programming language. Python's simple syntax is similar to the English language making it easy to comprehend and allows programmers to write code with fewer lines.

Courses: Introduction to Programming

Python Fundamentals to Familiarity

Building off of the introduction course, students will learn many unique features that make Python such a popular language, and will go beyond just "the basics." Students will gain experience in the full development life cycle using the Python programming language and how to utilize the power and flexibility of the Python language to apply practical programming strategies.

Courses: Fundamentals of Python, Intermediate Python

Data Analytics & Python

Students will learn the rich set of tools, libraries, and packages that comprise the highly popular and practical Python data analysis ecosystem. Topics taught range from basic Python syntax all the way to more advanced topics like supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques.

Courses: Data Analytics Using Python

Python Web Frameworks

Students will gain experience with the popular Django web framework to design, develop and implement a web application. The curriculum covers front-end-coding and back-end libraries for frameworks, optimization, and security authentication. 

Courses: Python Web Frameworks

And Other Electives!

We have additional electives for you including Python for Informatics and Python Unit Testing.

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Required Courses (9 units total) Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
XLRN 801.CODE - Introduction to Programming 3 Ventura Ventura Ventura Ventura
XLRN 802.CODE - Python Programming Fundamentals 3 Ventura Ventura Ventura Ventura
XLRN 803.CODE - Intermediate Python 3 Ventura Ventura Ventura UCSB
       Electives (must choose a minimum of 3 units)          
XLRN 804.CODE - Data Analytics Using Python 3 Ventura Ventura Ventura Ventura
XLRN 805.CODE - Python for Informatics 3 Ventura UCSB Ventura Ventura
XLRN 806.CODE - Python Unit Testing 3 Ventura   Ventura  
CMPSC X465.05 - Python Web Frameworks 3   Ventura Ventura  

Ventura Online       UCSB UCSB        UCSB  / Ventura Blended        Ventura Downtown Santa Barbara

  • Certificate Eligibility and Requirements
  • The curriculum comprises of 3 required courses, and 1 elective course (totaling 12 units.)
  • You must take all courses for a letter grade and earn at least a "C" or better in each course to earn the professional certificate.
  • Laptop Required - a Mac laptop is recommended.


UCSB/ Community
Individual Courses
Complete Certificate Cost
$2,780 - $2,810