Introduction to Global Business

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE || INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA - Globalization is reaching a level of unprecedented growth. Prepare to succeed in a world of constant changes and rapid growth by exploring fundamental business skills from a global perspective. Compare and contrast business practices being used across the world and develop a business plan for a comprehensive launch of a product concept to be sold in the global marketplace.

This program is perfect for...

...International and domestic participants in the early stages of their professional careers that are looking for a solid foundation in business development, international marketing and global economics.

What you'll learn...

How different institutions and people interact to create global financial events
How to identify the major drivers and characteristics of global consumers
Conceptual and analytical tools to develop effective international marketing plans
How to undertake appropriate market positioning on specific foreign markets
Business communication and leadership skills needed to work across cultures
Global market analytics and how to identify potential market niches


Required PaCE Courses Units F W S Su
BUSAD X411.1 - Strategic Business Development in the Global Marketplace (TBD) - 4 units 4 Ventura Ventura Ventura  
BUSAD X409.11 - International Marketing (TBD) - 4 units 4 Ventura Ventura Ventura  
ECON X455.1 - Global Economics (TBD) - 4 units 4     Ventura  
Other Business Options          
MGMNT X475 - Management Internship 4        
BUSAD X409.66 -Management Internship 4        

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  • International Students need to apply to the International Diploma Program before enrolling in classes from this course schedule. 
  • All classes will be offered remotely through Fall 2020. We will be back to our classroom-based instruction as soon as possible. Please check back in the Fall to confirm the mode of delivery of future courses.

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