Financial Assistance

Get the help you need to achieve your goals. Made possible by the Empowerment and Opportunities Fund.





Empowerment and Opportunity Fund (EOF) is dormant until Fall 2022.

GROW Scholarships are available for residents in specific areas who need to progress in their degrees via Open University or wish to enhance their professional skill-set via PaCE Professional Courses and Certificate offerings. GROW Program FAQ.

GROW Professional Scholarships: Deserving PaCE Certificate applicants will be selected by PaCE.

GROW Open University Scholarships: Deserving UCSB student applicants eligible for Open University will be selected in conjunction with the appropriate college advisors. 

Additional Scholarships for UCSB Staff:

Dilling Yang's Staff Scholarship
Effective January 1, 2020, non-probationary career staff with a full-time-equivalent salary less than or equal to $5,300/month are eligible to apply for the Dilling Yang Staff Scholarship Program. Eligible career staff may apply for scholarship awards for education, training, and other learning opportunities available at UC Santa Barbara. All programs by UCSB PaCE, including Open University are eligible. 


Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA): if you have received WIOA funding, find additional information here.
Department of Reabilitation (DOR): if you have received DOR funding, find additional information here
Student Loansfind information here about loans and other sources of funding.

Tax Information

Tax Credit 1098-T Form: UC Santa Barbara Division of Professional and Continuing Education will provide the IRS with information on students who have paid fees that qualify for the Lifetime Learning and Hope Scholarship Credits. Find additional information here.