Digital Badges

UCSB PaCE has partnered with, the most widely adopted digital credential service, to move all transcripts, certificates, and badges to a digital platform. 


What's a Digital Badge?

A digital badge showcases the professional skills you have refined through our courses, listing the specific competencies you have acquired. They also offer to potential employers verifiable proof that of the courses that you have completed. These digital badges will help you showcase your accomplishments and skills on social media, and keep employers up to speed on your achievements. For more on digital badges read our blog post or click here to learn more.


Our Digital Badges

Leadership & Strategy

Acquire actionable tools to better understand an organization's competitive strategy, and enhance leadership skills with the help of essential concepts from competitive business strategy and people management.
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People Analytics

Learn to apply basic human resource management functions and provide a practical approach to using data to solve HR challenges in organizations to demystify analytics with clear guidelines and recommendations.
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Total Rewards

Examine concepts essential for effective staff recruitment, selection, and retention. Analyze everything an employee perceives to be of value in order to help to attract, motivate, and retain employees. 
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Talent Acquisition & Development

Examine and apply the concepts essential for effective staff recruitment, selection, and retention. Badge holders have studied organizational employee-focused programs, policies and procedures and learned how to build healthy, supportive relationships.
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Employee & Labor Relations

Examine human resource management practice, particularly as it relates to federal and state laws and regulations. Study and practice conflict management through mediation.
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Inclusive Workplace Culture

Learn how to build on equal opportunity principles to create a culture of respect, involvement, and success for all employees. Become well versed in paradigms that limit or promote inclusion.
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Business Communication

Harness the power of communication needed to succeed with internal and external stakeholders;  examine how psychology plays important roles in business communication, especially in conflicts; and learn to identify and employ tools to resolve and prevent disputes. 
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Sales & Marketing

Learn methods of discovery to identify target audiences and their unique needs; sales strategies and surface negotiations; how to create compelling promotional programs; value relationship building techniques; and how to formulate effective pricing strategies.
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Marketing & Branding

Learn to analyze brands and define branding; create functional and strategic marketing plans; identify the impact of consumer demographics and behavior; and recognize the factors that impact brand strategy.
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Project Leadership

Learn to recognize, understand, and use emotions in positive ways to manage difficult social and work situations; the skills and knowledge areas of successful project management; identify exceptional organizational design.
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Business Foundations

Develop an understanding of the role of strategy within planning processes; determine the financial benefits of investments; and lay out cash flow that impacts executive decisions and end-game results.
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Leadership Essentials

Learn to leverage your own unique strengths to be a confident, strong leader and decision-maker; how to build high-performing teams; and recognize, understand and use emotions in positive ways to manage challenging social and work situations.
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Adolescent and Adult Support

To earn this digital credential, students completed an intensive 40-hours of training and acquired essential evidence-based tools and skills to: (1) better understand, (2) help, and (3) support clients to navigate their life as an adolescent/adult.
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