Human Resource Management

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE || INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA - No team is more vital to the successful implementation of an organization’s mission than Human Resources. HR professionals are charged with recruiting and retaining the best talent, coordinating staff training and leadership development, shaping total compensation packages, and keeping the organization aligned with a multitude of organizational and regulatory requirements. Entry-level roles in this profession enjoy pathways to dynamic and prosperous careers across virtually all industries.

This program is perfect for...

HR professionals and business leaders who would like to become more effective or advance their careers by gaining expertise in the modern principles of Human Resource Management. Learners will have the opportunity to dive deep into specific areas relevant to their professional environments through special projects, case studies, and various role-playing opportunities that emulate the many real-world challenges of our times.

What you'll learn...

Foundational and specialized competencies to prepare for industry certification
Best practices in talent acquisition, retention and workforce planning
Techniques for designing, assessing and evaluating employee benefits programs
Adult learning theories, leadership development and team dynamics
Conflict management and resolution strategies
How to navigate and communicate organizational change
Approaches and techniques to evaluate performance management programs
Evaluate and advise business leaders on the policy and cost implications of business initiatives, interpersonal issues, and regulatory or technical changes

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UCSB/ Community Certificate
International Diploma
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"There’s something to be said about human interaction in learning. Sharing real workplace challenges and working through real-life situations with other HR professionals, sparked curiosity and innovation in me.”

-Andrea Nelson