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PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE || INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA || AMA & DMI CERTIFICATIONS - Demand for Digital marketing skills is skyrocketing! Gain hands-on experience and a holistic understanding most current marketing strategies the world's most successful brands are using to connect with modern consumers. This program and curriculum is accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and the American Marketing Association (AMA)

This program is perfect for...

...those seeking a dynamic career in marketing, communications, digital media, branding, advertising, and public relations among others. This program will train entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing managers to develop strategies to boost their exposure and engage with modern consumers.

What you'll learn...

How to select an optimal channel and budget mix supported by a paid media plan and campaign action plan to execute a digital marketing strategy, applicable for any business, product or service
Best practices in online marketing analytics and measurement, website optimization, and content strategy
How to leverage mobile marketing for its micro-targeting advantages
How to set business, SEO, and website objectives to drive qualified website traffic, build awareness, and generate leads
Hands on practice with Google Analytics' custom reporting features to track live data, assess digital campaign performance and monitor the customer conversion journey
Techniques to increase your website's visibility through search engine optimization and drive additional traffic with pay-per-click advertising
Recognize the key components of effective web design and the importance of website optimization for a digital marketing strategy
Create and curate compelling content using tools and techniques including content personalization and brand storytelling
Identify the benefits of social media marketing and differentiate between the most influential social media platforms and their advantages for a digital marketer

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Required: 3 Courses (12 units) Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
BUSAD X409.65 - Marketing Principles and Practices 4 Ventura   Ventura  
MGMNT X477 - Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy (See DMI/AMA Note Below) 4 UCSB   Ventura  
MGMNT X477.1 - Web Analytics for Marketing (See DMI/AMA Note Below) 4   Ventura   Ventura
Elective: At least 1 course (4 units)          
BUSAD X409.11 - International Marketing 4 UCSB Ventura Ventura  
MGMNT X482 - Public Relations 4 Ventura   Ventura  
BUSAD X409.66 - Marketing Internship  2 - 4 UCSB Ventura Ventura Ventura
MGMNT X479 - Business and Personal Branding 4 UCSB Ventura Ventura  
MGMNT X481 - Selling for Non-Sales Professionals 2   Ventura   Ventura

Ventura Online       UCSB UCSB        UCSB  / Ventura Blended        Ventura Downtown Santa Barbara

  • How to Access Your Online Course
  • Certificate Eligibility and Requirements
  • Upon successful completion MGMNT X477 and MGMNT X477.1, students are eligible to sit for an examination of their digital marketing acumen.  Successful candidates will be awarded globally recognized professional certifications from the American Marketing Association (Professional Certified Marketer - PCM) and the Digital Marketing Institute (Certified Digital Marketing Professional - CDMP)
  • International Students need to apply to the International Diploma Program before enrolling in classes from this course schedule. 

of companies believe the lack of digital skills is the #1 obstacle in their ability to digitally transform in today’s world.
of graduates said a Digital Marketing Institute qualification had a positive impact on their career
of graduates that passed their certification exam have had their salary increased.
Ranking for Digital Marketing Specialists on World Economic Forum's Top 20 list of professions with increasing hiring demand

Transfer credit available!

Have you previously earned academic or professional units at another institution? You can apply for transfer credit towards this certificate!

Transfer credit available for courses in:

Marketing | Entrepreneurship | Communication | Management


UCSB Students
Individual Courses*
$385 - $895
$385 - $895
Estimated Certificate Cost
$2,975 - $3,325
$2,975 - $3,325

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Digital Marketing Specialist

To earn this Digital Credential, the student has acquired actionable skills and knowledge needed to develop strategies, implement and monitor the results of digital marketing projects that fit into an organization’s overall marketing goals.

Successful Completion of:
MGMNT X477 - Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy
MGMNT X477.1 - Web Analytics for Marketing
TMP X450.1 - Introduction to Project Management
• 108 Contact Hours
• 12 Professional Units

Advisory Board

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Global Advisory 

UCSB-PaCE is pleased to partner with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), the leading global certification for the digital marketing industry. This partnership has facilitated subsidized access to a wealth of DMI tools and resources to our students during their certificate progression. These resources, as well as our digital marketing syllabii, have been developed and are regularly updated in collaboration with DMI, with the oversight from DMI's industry experts, and are validated by 40 of the leading brands in the digital marketing industry. The DMI advisory body, spanning across industries and countries, has ensured the global applicability and recognition of our digital marketing curriculum.


“It is amazing to learn knowledge and skills directly from industry professionals that engage day-to-day in the world of digital marketing.”

-Vanessa Ceja