International Student Housing

Welcome to UCSB Extension International Programs! Finding a place to live is an important part of studying abroad. Here are some options; find something you like! 
This page should only be used by UCSB Extension International Program students.


There are many options:

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UCSB offerings

UCSB-endorsed housing options:

UCSB On-Campus Housing (NetID required)
UCSB Off-Campus Housing Finder (NetID required)

Isla Vista Pardall Road

Student Residence

Dorm-like apartments with meal plan with Tropicana:

Tropicana Gardens
Tropicana Del Norte
Tropicana Villas

Apartments and Hostel:
The Tahitian
Solis Isla Vista
State Santa Barbara
ITH Santa Barbara Hostel (dorm-style hostel)

Ocean View Del Playa Drive

Isla Vista

Ready to have a good time in IV? There are plenty of places to find open rooms:

UCSB Housing Search - Facebook 
IV Housing for UCSB students - Facebook 
UCSB Housing - Facebook
Apartment Finder - SBCC Housing (open to UCSB students)
Roommate Finder - SBCC Housing (open to UCSB students)

Student Room

Online Housing Marketplace

Private rental companies that help you to find the right fit for you:

Student RoomStay - Homestay
Student RoomStay - Abrego Apartments
Coral Group SB
Craigslist SB

UCSB Library

Need help with housing?

UCSB Community Housing Office can assist you in discussing IV and Santa Barbara options!

Beware of housing scams! Check out this Housing Success Guide before renting.

You can also book an appointment for Housing Advising if you need help with general questions about housing insecurity, finding housing options, help with applying for housing, or help for individuals experiencing housing insecurity.