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PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE || INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA - Agents of change know that opportunities for innovation frequently reside within the challenges that today’s businesses must confront. Learn to leverage your own unique personal leadership style to confidently and effectively lead from an earned position of strength.

This program is perfect for...

...professionals seeking to further develop effective leadership and management skills and individuals aspiring to ascend to new positions with increased responsibility and decision-making authority. You will learn tools to maximize your as well as your team’s efforts through critical self-evaluation, challenging case studies, and creative team-building exercises.

What you'll learn...

Methods to influence, manage and lead effectively.
Skills to make informed decisions and lead change throughout an organization.
Strategies/ Tools to accelerate your on-boarding time with a new organization.
Ways to understand ‘the other’s’ point-of-view and create leverage to maximize value of outcomes.
Marketing communication tools and techniques that can be used to build both a competitive advantage and boost brand equity.
Strategies / Tools to develop emotional intelligence and strategic thinking to improve decision-making skills.

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Required Courses (12 units required) Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
BUSAD X435 - Foundations of Leadership 4   Ventura   Ventura
BUSAD X450.33 - Building and Leading High-Performance Teams 4 Ventura  
MGMNT X479 - Business and Personal Branding 4 Ventura Ventura Ventura  
Required Electives (Choose One - 4 units)          
BUSAD X432 - Negotiation and Influence Strategies 4 Ventura Ventura Ventura Ventura
TMP X450 - Introduction to Project Management 4 Ventura Ventura Ventura Ventura

Ventura Online       UCSB UCSB        UCSB  / Ventura Blended        Ventura Downtown Santa Barbara

  • Certificate Eligibility and Requirements
  • International Students need to apply to the International Diploma Program before enrolling in classes from this course schedule. 
  • All PaCE classes will be offered remotely through Summer 2021. Please check back in Summer '21 to confirm the mode of delivery of courses during Fall '21 and beyond. 
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Communication | Leadership | Business Administration


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“With the knowledge that I have gained through the Business Leadership program I able to thrive in my role as an engineer with leadership skills.”

-Pavan Ramkumar