Business Administration

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE || INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA - The most effective leaders in business understand how their organizations function as a whole. Develop your managerial knowledge of proven practices and strategies in marketing, financial management, operations, negotiation, and business law.

This program is perfect for...

...anyone seeking to learn the basic principles and best practices from the key areas of business that are relevant to decision-makers and leaders at non-profit, private and public sector organizations of all sizes. This program provides critical insights needed for a successful career to those that have been, or aspire to be, promoted to a role in management.

What you'll learn...

A well-balanced blend of theory and practical knowledge around the essential principles and best practices of business management
A holistic understanding of the key components of any business
How to initiate, develop and execute a strategic business plan
Approaches for evaluating the operational and financial implications of decisions
Methods for communicating and leading change within an organization

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International Diploma
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“These courses have given me insight into different situations I may experience in my professional career.”

-Delaney Archer