Professional Accounting

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE || INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA - Master the core principles and practices of accounting being utilized in virtually every business and industry. Against the backdrop of increasing market globalization, a growing economy, and complex taxation & regulatory environments, the workforce demand for professional accountants has never been higher.

This program is perfect for...

...general accountants looking to advance or specialize within the field of accounting, or those in need of specific coursework to sit for the California CPA exam. Students advancing through the curriculum of this program will acquire valuable skills and insights needed to make informed financial decisions or to pursue a career in the fast-growing and increasingly global field of accounting.

What you'll learn

Prudent applications for advanced accounting methods
Auditing, financial statement preparation and analysis
Comprehensive and current acumen of financial accounting principles, reporting practices and regulatory requirements
How to make sound business decisions based on the implications of the above knowledge areas
Financial accounting, individual and corporate Federal income taxation


Suggested prerequisites Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
ECON X400A - Principles of Financial Accounting I 4   UCSB   UCSB
ECON X400B - Principles of Financial Accounting II 4 UCSB   UCSB  
Required 9 courses (36 units)          
ECON X420A - Intermediate Accounting I 4 UCSB   UCSB  
ECON X420B - Intermediate Accounting II  4   UCSB   UCSB
ECON X420C - Intermediate Accounting III 4 UCSB   UCSB  
ECON X418 - Financial Statement Analysis 4 UCSB   UCSB UCSB
ECON X427A - Income Taxes/Individual 4 UCSB     UCSB
ECON X427B - Corporate Taxation 4     UCSB  
ECON X432 - Managerial Accounting 4   UCSB   UCSB
ECON X433 - Auditing 4   UCSB   UCSB
ECON X431 - Advanced Accounting 4 UCSB   UCSB  

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  • International Students need to apply to the International Diploma Program before enrolling in classes from this course schedule.
  • All PaCE classes will be offered remotely through Summer 2021. Please check back in Summer '21 to confirm the mode of delivery of courses during Fall '21 and beyond. 
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Licensure Disclosure

Completion of the UCSB PaCE Professional Accounting Certification Program does not result in CPA licensure.  While courses in this program may count toward the educational requirements for individual states' boards of accountancy, completion of this program will not, in itself, fulfill the education, professional experience or examination requirements to qualify for CPA licensure. For more information about the requirements for the CPA Licensure, students should consult the State Board of Accountancy for the State or Jurisdiction in which they are interested in practicing. 

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“Was it all worth it? Yes it was! The recent job promotion and future job opportunities, the deeper understanding of Accounting, and the connection with the fellow students made it all worth while. I feel more confident as a professional and more accomplished as a person.”

- Kira