By Staff Writer - October 2, 2023

Embarking on her PaCE journey, Marie Luisa Handrich shares a glowing testament to the welcoming and engaging atmosphere at UCSB PaCE.

In her words, she loved every aspect of her experience—finding everyone friendly and open-minded. The classes were not just educational but also filled with fun, thanks to the dynamic interaction with both teachers and classmates. Marie Luisa particularly appreciated the excitement and engaging nature of the lessons.

During the initial stages, when questions arose, she found prompt and direct support, reflecting the strong support system at PaCE. This accessibility to assistance played a crucial role in enhancing her overall experience.

Reflecting on the impact of her time at PaCE on her career, Marie Luisa emphasized the improvement in her English skills during the quarter abroad. This linguistic enhancement is seen as a valuable asset for her current role and future career. Additionally, she acknowledged the broader influence of all the classes she participated in, foreseeing their positive contribution to her professional journey.

Marie Luisa Handrich's experience is a testament to PaCE's commitment to creating an inclusive, engaging, and impactful learning environment that goes beyond the classroom to shape careers.

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