Business & Executive Management 

No MBA? No problem. Advance in the workplace, become an effective leader, or even begin a new career path.

Accounting & Finance 

Acquire skills for analyzing Financial data & prepare to be a certified public accountant. Learn more.

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Business Administration

Gain a strong foundation in business functions, effective communication skills, & diverse managerial skills. Learn more.

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Business Communication & Law

Learn to construct, present, and critically analyze competing positions on the burning issues in business ethics and policy facing 21st-century leaders and managers. Learn more.

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Business Leadership

Learn to Leverage your own unique personal leadership style to confidentiality and effectively lead from an earned position of strength. Learn more.

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Career & Employability Readiness Program

It’s your career and you are in the driver's seat. You have signed up for professional training with PaCE and upskilled yourself. Learn more.

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Digital Marketing

Master strategies across social media, mobile marketing, & online analytics in an every-changing field. Learn more.

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Executive Education

No MBA? No problem. Advance in the workplace, become an effective leader or even begin a new career path. Learn more.

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Introduction to Global Business

Explore business practices and the economy from a global perspective. 
Learn more.


Human Resource Management

Gain expertise in the modern principles of Human Resource Management. 
Learn more.

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New Manager Bootcamp

Congratulations! You are the new manager. Are you ready for the next challenge? Learn more.

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Project Management

Learn a universal skill-set to initiate projects and lead cross-functional teams to execute the work on time and under budget. 
Learn more.

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Technology Management 

Learn the latest in technology and new venture creation. Only for the innovative and entrepreneurial. 
Learn more.

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