Intersectional Justice Facilitator

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE  - The Intersectional Justice Facilitator program equips participants with critical social justice language/skills and a thorough understanding of the various intersecting systems of oppression harming communities.
The certificate consists of two required courses, two electives, and an internship with a community organization. Participants who complete the program will be able to use/implement this knowledge in the various educational or workplace spaces they occupy as we all work towards collective equity and liberation.

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This Program is Perfect For...

...any student committed to the broader principles of intersectional justice, and most impactful for students of historically marginalized communities with a political lens to living, being, and organizing. This will help undergraduate students who are thinking about graduate school, but may not be confident enough yet. This can also support students who are planning careers in higher education, teaching, or grassroots and non-profit community organizing.

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Interested students must apply to be accepted into this program by completing an application. Applications will be accepted until October 20, 2023. 



  UCSB Students
Individual Courses $250
Certificate Fee $45
Estimated Certificate Cost $545

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