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Our modules provide students with the skills and basic experience through an industry vetted program to prepare them to work in a chip manufacturer’s cleanroom environment. High-tech companies with cleanrooms may send their new hires as part of their extended orientation related to the cleanroom environment.

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Why Cleanroom training with PaCE?

Our Cleanroom modules provide basic training for the chip manufacturing work environment. Intended students for the Introduction to Microchip Fabrication course are new hires in the technology companies with wafer fabrication cleanroom requirements. 

The Technician training (currently held only in Summer) provides a more hands-on training in the cleanroom itself to prepare the students for a technician job in the wafer manufacturing cleanroom environment.

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What does the Cleanroom Training program offer?


Introduction to Microchip Fabrication

This course will introduce basic microchip/semiconductor fabrication technology, exposing students to gowning and cleanroom work both inside the classroom and cleanroom. Students will gain an understanding of what a job in fabrication entails.

This course is intended for students with little or no cleanroom experience, and serves as a foundation for starting a career in fabrications. It includes 16 hours of training, with 8 of those hours in the cleanroom. NO PREREQUISITES NECESSARY.

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Cleanroom Technician

This course offers lectures and extensive hands-on, in-lab processing in the CNSI cleanroom on the UCSB campus. Students will make two semiconductor wafers using standard microchip fabrication processes. This training is intended for students to enter the field of microchip processing and/or improve upon their current skills.

This in-depth training will expose students to theoretical and practical approaches to fabrication in a cleanroom. It is intended for individuals with cleanroom experience, and those wanting to career advancement in their field. NO PREREQUISITES NECESSARY.

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