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Keep your momentum - earn a degree that rewards the work you have done at PaCE! This partnership provides students with a practical and affordable pathway to an undergraduate or graduate degree. Complete your certificate program with UCSB PaCE, and use that credit to accelerate your degree program within WGU's flexible, competency-based education model.

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This pathway is perfect for...

...students wanting to advance their degree. PaCE students completing certificates listed below, or select other certificate programs, may transfer course credit to related WGU degrees. As a student in this pathway, you can receive exclusive scholarship opportunities, degree and employment advising, and local support and engagement to ensure degree completion.

What is Competency-based Education?

Competency-based education is a learning approach that shifts the focus from classroom hours to measuring your skills and knowledge. No more waiting for a semester to end – you can progress through coursework as soon as you showcase mastery of the material. This empowering approach allows you to accelerate your learning journey by investing extra time or leveraging your previous work and educational experience. It's all about embracing a self-paced learning adventure where you can confidently demonstrate your competencies and soar towards success.


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Accounting, BA or MS

These accounting degree options ensure you will stand out from the competition with your knowledge of GAAP, ledgers, journal entries, and more.  They will empower you to help organizations meet standards and obey laws, benefiting individuals, companies, and entire communities.

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Business Administration, BS or MBA

If you’re looking to advance your career in the world of business, earning an online degree could be the perfect path for you. WGU offers a flexible and convenient business administration and management programs that’s are designed to prepare you for a variety of leadership positions. 

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Human Resource Management, BS

This degree in human resources is designed to help professionals enhance their résumé and gain critical HR skills. If you're ready for an exciting career focused on connecting with employees and helping them thrive, our accredited online college in human resources is your first step. 

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Certificate-to-Degree Transfer Pathway


Get PaCE Certificate

Earn a PaCE Certificate in Accounting, Business Administration, or HRM


Apply and Plan

Submit your WGU application and have your UCSB PaCE transcript evaluated for transferable coursework and degree roadmap creation.


Explore Scholarships

Discover available scholarships and tuition options.



Successfully complete all WGU competencies to earn your degree!

WGU Tuition and Scholarships

Major Degree Tuition Scholarships Apply
- Accounting
- Business Admin
- Human Resource Management
B.S. - $3,775/6 months
M.S. - $4,530/6 months
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