By Staff Writer - September 30, 2021

[Santa Barbara, CA]

Professional and Continuing Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB PaCE) has launched a new degree completion and professional development initiative. GROW, developed in partnership with the University of California Office of the President, and supported by a grant from the State of California, is designed to improve access to the university for the residents of North Santa Barbara County.

Geared toward local community college students looking to transfer to UCSB, and previous college students ready to complete their degree, GROW offers deeply discounted courses and programs, exclusively to the North Santa Barbara County region and its residents. UCSB PaCE  has also partnered with local governments, businesses, and other regional institutions to prioritize professional education in a wide range of online offerings, including Business Management, Information Technology, Healthcare, and more.

The dean of UCSB PaCE, Dr. Bob York, explains, “GROW makes it possible for us to extend value-based learning and professional development to our North Santa Barbara County residents, and because the offerings are online, students won’t have to commute all the way to Santa Barbara. They can choose the options that work best for them and progress in their degree, or enhance their skillset with career training. It’s an exciting opportunity.”

GROW gives students access to the entire UCSB course catalog through the Open University Program, at a deeply discounted price. GROW offers students complimentary career counseling and advising, designed especially to meet their needs. Eligible GROW participants may apply for financial assistance.

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About UCSB Professional and Continuing Education: UCSB PaCE, formerly UCSB Extension, is committed to providing essential skills and expertise to compete in today's job market. We are helping shape the future of our community, connecting UCSB with our fast-growing entrepreneurial base, and providing opportunities for career advancement and lifelong learning for students of all ages. Our international programs enable visiting students, scholars and professionals worldwide to experience the outstanding research and instruction at our top-rated university.


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