Corporate & Custom Training

A well-trained team is foundational to any organization. Reach out to us for professional training needs for your teams. We can create custom training programs for your organization, that can be delivered in online format as well as, in-person, or hybrid. If you already have a training program that needs to be evaluated for Continuous Education Units (CEUs, CUs), we can help with the evaluation as well as credit issuance. Contact us to know more.

Cleanroom Training

Our modules provide students with the skills and basic experience through an industry vetted program to prepare them to work in a chip manufacturer’s cleanroom environment.


Educational Partnership

Organizations have the unique opportunity to provide an affordable, flexible, and customized educational training programs to help increase employees' motivation, innovation, productivity, and skills. Are you ready to partner with us? 

educational partnership

Infrared Programs

Learn the advanced, technical engineering and scientific design of IR technology.

ir pro