By Staff Writer - October 2, 2023

Dr. Sunny Kim, a distinguished board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and holder of a Ph.D. in Education specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), is not just an instructor but a passionate advocate for the practical application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

In the realm of ABA, Dr. Kim emphasizes the importance of grasping key concepts and, more crucially, applying them in real-world scenarios. Her approach is rooted in the belief that understanding ABA should go beyond theory, and students should be able to seamlessly integrate these principles into their daily lives. "I want our students to love this field as much as I love ABA," she affirms.

What sets Dr. Sunny Kim apart is her dedication to making ABA accessible and relatable. She strives to illuminate that ABA is not confined to textbooks but is omnipresent in our surroundings. Through her practical teaching style, she instills a profound appreciation for the field in her students, fostering a genuine passion that extends beyond the classroom.

The unique and appealing work environment at UCSB PaCE, according to Dr. Kim, is characterized by care, understanding, and a relentless commitment to student success. The entire team at PaCE, she notes, is dedicated to continuous improvement, actively seeking feedback to enhance the learning experience for students. It's a place where both educators and learners are part of a collaborative journey, creating an atmosphere conducive to growth and development.

Dr. Sunny Kim's journey is not just about academic accomplishments but a story of shaping minds and transforming lives through the profound impact of ABA. Her mission is clear: to impart not only knowledge but a deep-seated love for the field that transcends the confines of the classroom, preparing students for a meaningful and impactful career in Applied Behavior Analysis.

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