By Staff Writer - February 14, 2022

QuickStart Learning, Inc., the award-winning IT workforce readiness, and career development company, announces a partnership with UC Santa Barbara Professional and Continuing Education to offer online IT bootcamps and certification courses. The bootcamps are offered to prepare students for in-demand fields like cybersecurity, data science, cloud engineering, and AI/ML. The curricula of QuickStart bootcamps are comprehensive, designed to accommodate beginners that are attempting to switch careers and experienced professionals that want to grow their current career in an IT field.

Ed Sattar, CEO of QuickStart Learning, says “We have helped other colleges and universities achieve their student’s goals through our engaging IT bootcamps and certifications that utilize virtual class settings along with personalized one-on-one coaching. We make sure that students are prepared for the competencies of the roles employers are seeking and students get a high ROI on their time invested on education and tuition fees”. 

A variety of training and certification options are provided in a couple of different areas in information technology. Through the partnership with UC Santa Barbara Professional and Continuing Education, QuickStart cybersecurity, AI/ML, data science, and cloud engineering bootcamps will be available to students. The bootcamps and certification courses offered provide valuable, in-demand training that will help students build careers in today’s competitive field of technology. 

Graduates will receive a certificate of completion from UC Santa Barbara Professional and Continuing Education, and receive a 12-month job assistance program with QuickStart to help with resume building, mock interviews, and more! 

QuickStart offers various payment methods including a discounted upfront fee, installment plans, and third-party funding via an income-sharing agreement.
Visit the QuickStart, Learning Inc. and UC Santa Barbara Professional and Continuing Education partnered page:
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About QuickStart
QuickStart provides 50+ virtual IT certificate courses and bootcamp training programs to help students achieve career growth and workforce readiness. Our expanding catalog of courses covers hundreds of technologies we partner with, AWS, Microsoft Azure, CompTIA, Cisco, and more. We work with industry experts, hiring managers, and IT professionals to curate the most up-to-date curriculum.  

Providing IT certification and training for 35 years has enabled QuickStart to develop an AI-enabled cloud-based platform – CLIPP. The Cognitive Learning & IT Project Performance (CLIPP) platform enhances the learning process for students by personalizing their learning plan tied to their career goals. 

At course completion, we provide career services to assist with resume building and the job search process. We have students successfully working in widely known companies such as HP, IBM, Visa, Apple, and more. We’ve also had some students who used their QuickStart education to gain promotions and advance their careers in their current companies of employment. 

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