By Staff Writer - November 12, 2021

UCSB Professional and Continuing Education has created a new series of courses, professional certificates, and bootcamps designed to deliver technical skills to those looking to launch successful careers in Digital Technology. 

Choose from programs across eight subject areas: professional certificates in Blockchain Technology, Python Programming, and Web Development; and bootcamps in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud Engineering, Cybersecurity, Data Science, and Web Development.

Certificate programs and bootcamps are offered online in mentor-led cohorts, so you can learn at your own pace. Find the area that interests you most, and start gaining technical skills, from beginning to advanced, that will keep you on top of your game. The AI, Cloud Engineer, Cybersecurity, and Data Science bootcamps also prepare students to earn industry certifications. 

Courses are taught by leading industry professionals, and combine practical knowledge and hands-on experiences. Both the certificate programs and bootcamps are intensive, immersive, and accelerated. The Python Programming and Web Development professional certificate programs are offered in collaboration with UC San Diego Extension, and Blockchain Technology in collaboration with The Blockchain Academy. 

Get started now, and take your place in one of today’s most exciting and in-demand careers!  Learn more.

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