By Kent Johnson - October 5, 2021

Introducing Digital Credentials 

Take control of your credentials! UC Santa Barbara Professional and Continuing Education is now offering digital certificates, badges, and transcripts.

UCSB PaCE has partnered with, the most widely adopted digital credential service, to move all transcripts, certificates, and badges to a digital platform.  “We already provide, and will keep providing our printed certificates for our students, however, in the digital age it’s important to 'keep up with the times,” says Tiziana Zollino, Customer Success and Outreach Manager. “With Digital credentials, a student can share their accomplishments through a variety of digital platforms including LinkedIn and Facebook. Since PaCE has many offerings in business, science & tech, arts, health care, and education, there are plenty of options for students to gather credentials to set their resumes apart.”

As COVID has pushed businesses to pivot, PaCE has been no exception, finding a way to move most classes online.  “Moving online was something we’ve always wanted to do as some of our most successful programs are online. We’re lucky we have a small, nimble team who was able to accomplish this monumental task,” says Dean Bob York. “We continue to offer in-person instruction when safely possible, and will certainly still have that ability in the post-COVID era, but now we have the experience with online instructional delivery as well to fulfill our community’s training needs. Digital certificates further help integrate our role in education & workforce development,” says Sheetal Gavankar,  Director of Academic Programs. 

How to: Requesting a digital transcript

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