Global Online Classroom

The Global Online Classroom is a collection of online courses for international students studying at their home university. Students earn units after completing a course successfully.  We provide courses on the most cutting-edge topics. Since we are constantly forward-looking, our course offerings will expand. In addition, we are happy to create new, customized courses based on the requests of partner agencies, universities, and other institutions.

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These online courses are open exclusively for students from our contracted agencies and partner universities and are only open for group enrollment. Many options are available to attract students. They can enroll in individual courses, typically of 2-4 units and 18-36 hours. The synchronous classes are scheduled at convenient times for students’ schedules. To enroll students, customize our current classes for your needs, or request brand-new courses, please contact We are looking forward to collaborating with you!

Our Program Portfolio

blockchain and bitcoin

Building the Blockchain World: Technology, Society and Innovation

This course provides an overview of the concept, technology, and impacts of blockchain. This course will be multi-level,  multidisciplinary, and critical, with a focus on giving students an introductory understanding of how blockchains work, where they are used, their history, potential,  and opportunities, and how they will shape organizations and society both now and in the future. It offers a comprehensive sociological overview of this emerging digital technology with a focus on social impact and politics.

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership

This is an introductory course through the journey of entrepreneurship, students may re-evaluate their own views of entrepreneurship within the framework of entrepreneurial thinking and put this mindset into action. Throughout this course, students will develop a mindset that will enable them to build a toolkit to create and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, marshal resources, and form teams driven by creativity, leadership, and smart action.

Entrepreneurs in room talking
business and branding in advertisements

Business and Personal Branding

Exploring the reasons why brands are so valuable and the factors that contribute to that value  are crucial elements when developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. This course will examine the relevance and differentiation of brands. The concepts of branding will be explored  to understand how branding of a product, company (or purpose) influences customer perception  and the strategic thinking behind brand development.

Selling for Non-Sales Professionals

Non-sales selling, in contrast to traditional sales selling, encompasses consultative and suggestive sales tactics and  approaches that uncover potential needs of both external and internal stakeholders. In addition,  non-sales selling also involves advocating for a direction by selling yourself and your ideas and  persuading others within your organization to provide their resources (time, budget, and  support). This course will examine  the relevance and importance of non-sales selling in the contemporary business world and our personal lives.



This course is perfect for individuals who wish to teach English to speakers of other languages in the United States and abroad. It offers you an online classroom environment with peer-to-peer exchange and instructor feedback.The curriculum reflects careful study and consideration of current theory and its practical application in TESOL methodology. The goal is to offer the most up-to-date and effective instruction in English as a Second and Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) teaching.

Academic Reading and Writing

This course supports international students at the undergraduate level in advancing their academic reading and writing skills. Students will read interdisciplinary texts that are diverse in rhetorical technique and that represent a balance of narrative, descriptive and expository, and argumentative writing. Participants will learn strategies that will help in the composition of expository and argumentative essays and in the effective use of sources in researched writing.

communication and culture

Communication and Culture

This course explores American culture, with particular focus on the student culture of an American University. Students learn to communicate effectively in both academic and social settings by completing guided interactive assignments both on and off campus.  Course work covers classroom and learning styles, communication skills for seminars and lectures and politeness strategies.  Students learn strategies for bridging cross-cultural challenges and misunderstandings. Students work on public speaking skills and present a final oral presentation on an aspect of American culture.

Qualified Behavior Analyst

There is a growing need for well-trained and qualified behavior analysts (QBAs) on a global scale. Our program is verified and approved by Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis Credentialing Board (QABA®). This track is recommended to any students, regardless of where they reside, thus highly recommended for our International students.
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child on swing
child in arms

Qualified Autism Service Practitioner-Supervisor

There is a huge international demand for well-trained autism specialists. As a Qualified Autism Service Practitioner, you will have the opportunity to provide supervision and behavioral health services to individuals with autism or anyone who may benefit from applied behavior analysis (ABA) services. This track is recommended to any students, regardless of where they reside, thus highly recommended for our International students.
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