Montessori World Educational Institute - Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County (CAPSLO)

The early childhood education courses are designed as an introduction to a specific approach to curriculum development, for preschool and elementary teachers.   

These course qualifies as 6 ECE units applicable toward CA CD Permit and DSS Child Care Licensing requirements.

CD X321.55A   Developing Intelligence: Montessori Sensorial & Practical Life – Early Childhood Education (Ages 2/12 to 6)

CD X321.74 - Montessori Beginning Math and Language - Early Childhood Education (Ages 3 to 6)

CD X321.75 - Montessori Primary Math and Language - Early Childhood Education Ages 4 to 7

CD X321.86 - Montessori Cultural Subjects: Early Childhood Education, Ages 3 - 11

CD X321.33 - Understanding Children-Child Growth and Development


These courses are being offered by the Montessori World Educational Institute. These courses are only open for enrollment to those as part of this school-sponsored training.

ED X321.60: Transforming Elementary Education through STEAM (Ages 6-12)

ED X321.61 Music Education for Young Children

ED X321.64A Montessori Elementary Mathematics, Ages 6-9

ED X322.78  Language/Biology, Elementary 6-9

ED X343.77  Elementary Geometry 6-9

ED X343.81 History/Geography, Elementary  6-9   

ED X347: Montessori Primary: Early Childhood Education (Ages 5 - 7) - Independent Study

ED X347.1: Montessori Pre-primary: Early Childhood Education (Ages 2 1/2 - 5) - Independent Study


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