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Lecturer Biographies

Dr. Alan Hoffman, Course Coordinator, Lecturer, and Lab Instructor
Acumen Scientific,
Chief Scientist

Dr. Hoffman has extensive knowledge of infrared focal planes. As the course coordinator, he utilizes his passion of introducing others to infrared technology. His experience spans all phases of developing sensors including, designing, manufacturing and testing applications for the defense, space and astronomy communities.

John L. Vampola, Lecturer and Lab Instructor
Raytheon Vision Systems,
Senior Principal Engineering Fellow

Mr. Vampola has extensive experience in imaging technology, especially, infrared and visible- focal plane subsystems and instruments covering detector and readout design, focal plane test and instrument design and remote sensing instruments. He is a co-author of Fundamentals of Infrared and Visible Detector Operation and Testing, published by Wiley.

Dr. Edward P. Smith
Raytheon Vision Systems,
Senior Engineering Fellow

Dr. Smith’s experience is in next-generation infrared technology products based on HgCdTe and III-V bandgap engineered infrared materials and devices.  His focus is on applied research for infrared focal plane array development and first-time technology demonstration programs, and transition to product.

Dr. Terrence S. Lomheim
The Aerospace Corporation,
Aerospace Fellow 

Dr. Lomheim has held both management and technical staff positions. He performed detailed experimental evaluations of electro-optical properties, imaging capabilities, radiation sensitivities of infrared and visible focal plane devices and developed modeling tools used to predict instrument-level performance. Dr. Lomheim is a part-time lecturer at California State University, Dominguez Hills, and regularly teaches technical short courses for the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) and UCLA Extension. He is co-author of CMOS/CCD Sensors and Camera Systems, published by SPIE.

Dr. John E. Hubbs
Infrared Radiation Effects Laboratory (IRREL); Space Vehicles Directorate of Air Force Research Laboratory,
Chief Scientist

Dr. Hubbs has worked extensively on focal plane arrays (FPAs) in both clear and radiation environments—testing, characterizing and modeling array performance. He is a fellow of the Military Sensing Symposia (MSS) and SPIE.

Roger Holcombe
Roger Holcombe Engineering

Mr. Holcombe has focused on the development and production of advanced infrared applications for military, commercial and scientific systems. He managed the mechanical design group at Raytheon Vision Systems and now is a consultant providing advanced system design and rapid prototyping services to the MEMS and infrared detector industries.

Lab Instructor Biographies

Dr. Nadir Dagli
Professor, UCSB Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Dagli worked extensively on photonic devices, systems and modeling, in particular ultra-wide bandwidth and low voltage electro-optic modulators, micro resonators, WDM components and nano photonics. He was the editor-in-chief of IEEE Photonics Technology Letters and chair of many technical conferences. He published the book High Speed Photonic Devices by Francis and Taylor and is a fellow of IEEE and OSA.

Ellen Chang (TBA)

Scott Williams (TBA)