By Staff Writer - January 5, 2022

On any given day, regardless of the health of the economy, up to one-third of all open positions in the United States are in sales, so it’s not surprising that half of all college graduates’ first jobs will be in sales. 

UC Santa Barbara PaCE’s Technology Sales Program in partnership with Virtanza is a real-world Technology Sales program linked directly to employers. Students explore professional sales roles and apply sales skill applications through real-world employer role-play simulations. Students begin with a thorough introduction to modern IT and computing technologies including the Cloud, Big Data, and Cyber Security. Students then learn customer pipeline technology, sales engagement platform, and sales planning activities to become successful in a professional sales role.

Students rave about their instructors for their professionalism and engaging classrooms and curriculum for its real-world relevance and immediate transferability. We stay in close touch with our program graduates, celebrating their sales wins and empowering them with our Sales Management courses, guest speaking, and networking opportunities.



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Our strategic partnerships were created after hearing your feedback and keeping a pulse on what is in demand in the current marketplace.  We strive to provide our students with the best possible programs, and the best possible alliances in order to bring you cutting-edge & distinguished offerings.

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