By Staff Writer - May 2, 2024

Recently, PaCE had the opportunity to collaborate with The Dunn School, a prestigious prep school in the Santa Ynez Valley of California known for its strong entrepreneurial programs. Don Blumenthal, representing PaCE and the instructor for the Business and Personal Branding class, established meaningful connections during the internationally acclaimed Diamond Challenge, which took place in April of this year.  This included Dunn's Assistant Headmaster and the leader of the Robert W. Jurgensen Entrepreneurship program, along with their Entrepeneurialship instructor.

The Dunn School is notable for its innovative student-run convenience store, offering a wide range of items managed entirely by students. Many of the products that are for sale include products that former Dunn School alumni have created and marketed nationally.  This hands-on approach to learning and entrepreneurship aligned perfectly with PaCE's vision.

The team from The Dunn School expressed interest in further collaboration by attending the PaCE Branding class, presenting their rebranded program, and engaging with a college-level environment.

This collaboration came to fruition during a recent visit to PaCE's Kerr Hall, where The Dunn School representatives engaged with PaCE students, exchanging valuable insights. The session included a presentation on Dunn's program evolution, followed by a collaborative SWOT analysis, which was created by both the college and the high school students providing invaluable learning experiences for all involved.

The seamless integration of high school and college-level educational experiences exemplified the power of collaboration and shared learning between institutions. PaCE is excited about fostering more such partnerships that enrich educational journeys and empower students for success.

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