By Staff Writer - February 8, 2024

Kayleigh Chang's journey embodies passion, dedication, and a profound commitment to shaping the future of child life specialists. With extensive clinical experience as a Certified Child Life Specialist at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, Kayleigh brings invaluable expertise to her role as an instructor at UC Santa Barbara Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE).

Her clinical background spans multiple units, with a special affinity for the dynamic environment of the Emergency Department, where she provides crucial support to children and families during times of trauma. Alongside her clinical responsibilities, Kayleigh also serves as an instructor, passionately educating and guiding aspiring child life specialists through online courses at PaCE.

Kayleigh's impactful contributions extend beyond the classroom. She actively participates in the annual Child Life Conference, representing UCSB's child life program and staying updated with industry trends. Recently taking on the role of Child Life Internship Coordinator at UCSB, Kayleigh supports students seeking academic affiliation during their child life internships, further solidifying her dedication to the field.

Reflecting on her teaching approach, Kayleigh states, "The grief and loss course addresses a pervasive topic that impacts everyone personally and professionally. My aim is to alleviate apprehensions surrounding conversations about death, dying, and grief, while instilling confidence in providing interventions and resources."

Kayleigh's influence reaches far and wide, evidenced by her involvement in the Child Life Certification Commission for ACLP, where she guides and coaches individuals preparing for certification exams. Her expertise was showcased at the 2019 Child Life Annual Conference, where she presented on child life's pivotal role in supporting children facing abuse. Additionally, her contributions in creating the child life exam content outline during the ACLP Child Life Job Analysis in 2018 highlight her commitment to advancing the field.

Teaching at PaCE has been a fulfilling experience for Kayleigh, allowing her to share her passion for child life and empower future specialists to make a meaningful difference. She appreciates PaCE's unique environment, which embraces diversity, inclusivity, and a shared enthusiasm for learning and practical application in the child life arena. The program's dedication to incorporating the latest content, research, and resources ensures a comprehensive and engaging learning journey for students.

Kayleigh's teaching journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to education and her vision of empowering the next generation of child life specialists. With a wealth of clinical and teaching experience, she continues to positively impact the lives of her students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge for fulfilling careers in child life.

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