Applied Behavior Analysis 5th Edition

There is a growing need for well-trained board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) across the country. According to BACB®, “Over the past 11 years, demand for behavior analysts holding BCBA certification has increased by 4,209%.
The UCSB PaCE department offers the 5th edition BCBA coursework 100% online, which has been approved and verified by ABAI. 


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…for anyone who seeks to make positive changes in individuals’ lives through the implementation and dissemination of applied behavior analysis. As a BCBA, you can offer services in various environments such as (but not limited to), schools, hospitals, organizations, clinics, in-home, and private practice. Additionally, many businesses are now seeking BCBAs to help with organizational behavior management (OBM). 

This program satisfies the coursework requirement for the BCBA credential.

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It is recommended that students complete 1 academic course per quarter (not including the Supervision course) in order to spend an adequate amount of time on the course materials, readings and projects. 
If you are familiar with Applied Behavior Analysis and already work in the field it is possible to take 2 academic courses per quarter (not including the Supervision course), but it will not expedite the Supervision process or your eventual exam date and may result in learning loss before the exam. 


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Individual Courses




Estimated Certificate Cost

$3850 - $4200

$3850 - $4200

$3850 - $4200

Supervision Class (optional)




Learning Module Series*

$279 - $425

$279 - $425

$279 - $425

*Cost varies depending on the option you choose.


5th Edition Professional Certificate Application



Certificate Progress Formula

The Rise of ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis on the PaCE Pod



"This series was ideal for someone living so far away from campus. I was able to go at my own pace - enrolling separately in each class at a time - which allowed me to continue my work while taking courses. I was also able to entirely self-manage the course workload and choose when to attend lectures, which meant that if my work in Senegal got particularly busy (or if we had day-long power outages or internet cutouts!) I was still able to complete all of my tasks on time. Also, the fact that I was eight hours ahead of everyone in California wasn't a problem at all. It was absolutely ideal for my situation."

- Adair Cardon
ABA Senegal

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