By Kent Johnson - June 24, 2021

Why Traditional Marketers Need to Upgrade to Digital

Sixty percent of a marketer’s time is now dedicated to managing digital marketing activities, which is seriously accelerating the demand for digital skills training. Additionally, two out of three marketers have moved at least 30% of their budgets from traditional to digital media. There is also significant cost saving: Digital marketing tactics enjoy a cost-per-lead that’s 61% lower than those that use a traditional outbound marketing approach.  

Digital skills can help increase customer engagement and drive revenue: Digital tools and channels have revolutionized the customer’s journey and strongly influenced how they make their decision to purchase.

The development of digital skills is essential to cultivate a competitive edge and achieve career development as the marketing profession continues to be shaped by digital practices. 

  • Even though digital dominates, there is a remarkable global digital skills shortage. Employers are struggling to find candidates with consistent, comprehensive digital skillsets. To keep pace, organizations are now investing in necessary skills training to support digital career development.

  • Digital marketing facilitates streamlined, automated processes, data-driven insights, and adaptable budgeting options.  It also delivers custom content to increase customer engagement through customer-centric strategies. 

  • Traditional marketers need to upgrade their marketing skillset to digital in order to achieve continued career success and to maximize return of investment for organizations. 

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