By Staff Writer - January 20, 2021

Hear from a student in our health programs

How was your PaCE experience?
PaCE customer service is great. The email replies are very prompt and helpful. The employees are knowledgeable about their programs. In every PaCE class, I have taken, there have been multiple guest instructors who are professionals. It has been so valuable to hear from so many different experts about their careers and their thoughts on the subject matter. Normal university classes are usually just taught by one professor. I am grateful for the opportunity PaCE has created for me to hear so many different insights.

How has PaCE helped you achieve your goals inside and/or outside the classroom?
PaCE has helped me achieve my goals outside the classroom by providing me with amazing certificate programs that stand out on a resume. The courses I have taken through PaCE have been integral for helping me gain experience for my future career. I have learned so much more about valuable, artistic aspects in medicine that are not taught in university classes, which has helped me remain motivated for the future!

Has your experience at PaCE helped your career or future career?
PaCE has helped me gain hard skills as an EMT that have opened the door for job opportunities in patient care. In Medical Humanities, I have learned many valuable things about the spiritual side of healing. This has helped me have a world view of medicine when often times the focus is solely on western medicine. 

Fun fact:
Our EMT has an extraordinary pass rate for first time NREMT test takers. It's a 98% pass rate!  By comparison, the national average at 70%.

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