Medical Humanities

Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary field, described as the best of a liberal arts education with a medical focus. As of today, 69 out of the 133 accredited medical schools in the U.S. require medical students to take medical humanities courses as medical students.

This program is perfect for...

...providing future healthcare leaders a foundation in humanities which can lead to increased empathy, more understanding of historical and social contexts of disease, and a better resiliency to burnout.

What you'll learn

How different cultures perceive health and disease
Medicine as portrayed in literature, film, and narrative
Burnout, mindfulness, and resiliency
Social determinants of health & human rights
Spirituality and end of life
Medical ethics & history of medicine


Required UCSB Electives:

Choose 10 units of electives from list provided HERE.

Minimum of 16 total units to complete this professional certificate.

Students can use up to 3 quarter units as transfer credit for electives. Transferred classes must be taken within the last 5 years.

UCSB Elective Courses can be taken through PaCE’s Open University Program.


Minimum of 16 total units to complete this professional certificate
Earn no less than a "C" in any particular course to be eligible for the certificate

Ready to start?


UCSB Students
International Students
Individual Courses
Complete Certificate Cost


PaCE is now able to offer a 50% discount on the Fall 2019 PaCE Medical Humanities course, Introduction to Medical Humanities (INT X410) to all current UCSB students. 


In order to secure your discount, please follow these two steps:

1) Create a Student Profile on the Student Portal where it says “I am a new user”.

2) Once you have completed your profile, contact Student Services at (805) 893-4200 


Email for more information.


In addition, a limited number of PaCE Course Scholarships are available for students and are awarded subject to availability of funds. Students who are interested in learning more about PaCE Course Scholarships should contact us at for more information.


“Students will be exposed to a variety of components on how 'humanities' actually has an impact on very select and often times vulnerable patient populations.” 

-Jason Prystowsky, MD

Read this article recommended by Dr. Prystowsky:
More Pre-Med Students Opting for Health Humanities Programs 

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