By Kent Johnson - April 19, 2021

How Professional Certification Transforms Digital Capabilities

In today’s digital landscape professional certification is a way for organizations to hone and boost the digital capabilities of their workforce. It provides employees – current and future with the industry-aligned skills and knowledge needed to drive business success.

Representing 22.5% of the world economy - digital technologies have an undeniable impact on commerce and society. As a huge driver of the global economy, a professional certification is crucial to thrive in a digital world.

Hire or cultivate experts:
60% of employers use the power of certification to confirm subject matter expertise.

Boost productivity:
Employees with a certification are 90% more productive and 60% more efficient compared to those without.

Measure success:  
67% of employers use certifications to measure a candidate’s willingness to work hard and meet a goal.

Reduce employee churn: 
When hiring a new employee, the ability to assess skills could save time and money. In fact, as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. 

Enjoy maximum Return on Investment:
Professionals attribute a personal ROI of 253% and an organizational ROI of 216% to professional certification.

Enhance performance:
Professional certification is seen as the best performing credential in many different dimensions such as learning, career advancement and value.

Minimal cost, maximum benefits:
The cost of certification is recouped through increased productivity, faster troubleshooting and fewer skills gaps. There is also a correlation between certification, job security, and satisfaction.

Inspire excellence:
Encouraging employees to earn a professional certification will demonstrate to customers and clients that a business holds its staff to the highest professional standards.

Validate a continuous learning ethic:
Professional certification shows a staff member’s proactivity and motivation to learn and gain new knowledge.

Create consistency:
Industry certification will allow companies to rely on their team’s ability to meet industry benchmarks and count on work of a higher and more consistent quality.

Superior availability and risk mitigation:
Employees with the right skills can identify problems and provide solutions with ease.

Encourage promotion and development:
90% of employers agree that certified individuals are more likely to gain promotion than those without, while 89% feel they perform better than noncertified staff in similar roles.

In the future, 70% of professionals in the US8 believe it will be more important to earn a degree or professional certificate to get a good job. In today and indeed tomorrow’s world, professional certification will ensure longevity, relevance, and commercial success - priceless commodities to any brand, business or organization.

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