By Staff Writer - June 24, 2021

Build Your Brand Through Exceptional Customer Service

Currently, a customer manages at least 85% of their relationship with an organization without interacting with a human.  Increasingly, brands understand the urgent need to be visible and available to customers on the social channels of their choice. 

In order to measure performance, organizations take the following metrics into account: 

  • Volume of engagement: volume of messages received from customers, and volume of brand’s responses. 

  • Response time: effective social customer service aims for fast and effective resolution of customer queries.

  • Resolution time: the time required to resolve customer issues, from receipt of the first message to the receipt of the final message.

  • Customer satisfaction/brand sentiment: follower growth on individual social media platforms, total monthly ‘likes’ and ‘favorites,’ the tone of individual customer messages and conversions.

Keep in mind:

  • Through direct and authentic interaction, social media has revolutionized the way brands can build loyalty and customer trust.

  • If brands fall short, frustrations or concerns can be very publicly voiced through social channels highlighting the fact that social customer service isn’t a luxury.

  • For brands wanting to set themselves apart and nurture a well-regarded reputation, exceptional social customer service significantly enhances brand sentiment and awareness with a highly analytical, strategic digital skillset.

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