By Staff Writer - January 15, 2021

Introducing Digital Badges 

PaCE has partnered with, the most widely adopted digital credential service, to move all transcripts, certificates and badges to a digital platform.

What's a digital badge?
A digital badge showcases the professional skills you have refined through our courses, listing the specific competencies you have acquired. They also offer to potential employers verifiable proof of the courses that you have completed. 

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Why a digital badge?
These digital badges will help you showcase your accomplishments and skills on social media, and keep employers up to speed on your achievements. 

Advantages of Digital Badges

  • They are focused on your skills: they tell the professional world about your specific interests and competencies that you can bring to the workplace.
  • They’re easily shareable: secure and verified badges can be shared directly with employers or on social media, such as LinkedIn
  • They link to evidence: Deep links to portfolios, projects, and instructors can provide depth of insight that supplements the credential significantly.
  • They’re trackable: As digital credentials move throughout the world via social media and shared links, their footprint of their impact can be measured more easily.
  • They’re faster than traditional credentials: Issuable in moments, a digital badge can be put to use as soon as the learner receives a text message or email. Getting credentials faster makes them immediately more impactful.

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