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Visiting Scholars Program

Spend 3, 6 or 9 months at UCSB learning new principles and methodologies in teaching.

Why VSP at UC Santa Barbara?

Our Visiting Scholars Program (VSP) is geared towards instructors wanting to develop, refine and ultimately apply researched skills in their classrooms, regardless of it is a secondary or higher education classroom.

Learn from the best in the U.S...

Topics such as - Technology In Education, Instructional Design & Teaching in English.
Get training in Academic Coursework, English Language Enrichment, Classroom Observation, Instructional Development and joint research.
Earn a specialization with our Teaching Certificate Program.

Program Options:

Options available:

Program duration January 2020 - June 2020, 3 and/or 6 Month.


Visiting Scholars Program (VSP)
        - This option includes the teaching certificate program only 

Visiting Scholars Program: Enhanced (VSP Enhanced)
        - This option includes the following per quarter:  
            - 1 academic course enrollment 
            - 1 English language enrichment course 
            -  Teaching Certificate Program
            - Advising Coordination from faculty member

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Application Requirements:
- copy of passport (scholar + dependents)
- proof of English proficiency (May be waived)
- official transcript or proof of professional employment in English
- financial statement (tuition plus estimated living expenses for scholar + dependent)


Please allow for at least 3 months to officially receive your visa, and arrive on-time.

Teaching Certificate Program (VSP Only)


Visiting Scholars Program: Enhanced

This option includes the following per quarter:
- 1 academic course enrollment
- 1 English language enrichment course
- 1 Teaching Certificate Program

vsp enhanced

*The chart shows four standard options for the Visiting Scholars Program (Enhanced). Scholars can customize the program to their convenience and the fee will be adjusted.

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"When I return to my homeland, I will show these compositions to my students and tell them that on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, there is such a kind, respectable, and dedicated teacher. She often stays up late correcting our English composition word for word which impressed me deeply. Thank you, Gigi."

-Yu, Jianping (Shark)