Environmental & Climate Advocacy, Leadership, & Activism

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE - This certificate will prepare the next generation of leaders, advocates, and scholar-activists in environmental and climate justice to transform the climate crisis into an opportunity for deep and positive social change. The certificate will benefit students by providing them with essential learning and skills that will make them more attractive to employers looking for environmental leaders.

This program is perfect for...

...people seeking careers and opportunities in climate, environmental, and social justice organizations, movements and NGOs interested in social, climate, and environmental justice journalism, law, the arts, and other professional and creative endeavors; and people seeking to teach at the K-12 and/or university levels.

What you'll learn

How to research and apply strategies and approaches for various kinds of advocacy, leadership, and scholar-activism around climate and environmental justice.
Skills for developing advocacy, leadership, and activism within community, national, or global settings, with opportunities to learn from and with local leaders and activists.
Deeper, holistic, and interdisciplinary understandings of the climate crisis and how to confront it.

Minimum of 18 total units (6 PaCE units and 12 UCSB elective units) to complete this professional certificate.


Minimum of 18 total units to complete this professional certificate.
Earn no less than a "C" in any particular course to be eligible for the certificate

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