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Carolin on Equal Opportunities

Striving for more equal opportunities is not only a major issue in Germany. The University of California (UC) school system, in particular, is committed to ensuring that every qualified student who dreams big and works hard has the opportunity to graduate from the highly respected public university system regardless of income.

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Safin's Last Entry

I had one of the best times of my life in Santa Barbara and other places in California. Some the best moments I had weren’t planned, but they happened anyway. I am sure people read a lot before and try to find out about what they can do in Santa Barbara/California.

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What does it cost to study?  USA vs. Germany

During my studies in the USA, I noticed that there is a big difference between the study costs in the USA and in Germany. For many people in the USA, studying means entering a better life. The job market is tough and a good degree from a university or college is a "must have" in some industries. But the way there is a hard one...

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How German is SB?

When you fly 15 hours as a student from Germany to Santa Barbara, California, you expect a place decorated with palm trees and beaches, a student life according to the stereotypical "Californian lifestyle" and excellent education at UCSB.  What you don't expect are the many small German components and influences you encounter in everyday life.

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