Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain is an emerging technology and foundational component of Web3.0, otherwise referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Those interested in supporting and benefiting from this innovation must educate themselves on its practical application. This program provides students with a set of skills necessary to successfully develop blockchain technology. The courses consist of both practical knowledge and hands-on experience with Blockchain development techniques used in the industry.

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New, innovative teaching and learning platforms...

UCSB offers Blockchain courses and certification programs in collaboration with The Blockchain Academy. Our two institutions work together to provide you with a specialized, detailed, and career-focused program that will give you the tools you need! Courses are delivered online live and on-demand via the Blockchain Hub 360 digital learning platform.

"The Hub 360" is our technology partner in delivering a next-gen digital learning experience. The platform's key features include an accessible and mobile-friendly learning management system, zoom-enabled student groups, collaboration spaces, professional networking opportunities, forums, and community events. We are also excited to provide student account access to SIMBA Chain, a cloud-based, smart-contract-as-a-service (SCaaS) platform, enabling users across a range of skill sets to implement dapps (decentralized applications).



Blockchain is too often mistaken for bitcoin.  While blockchain and bitcoin share an origin story, blockchain‚Äôs application is across all industries that use and store information.

Courses: Blockchain Foundations, Blockchain & Bitcoin Intensive, Blockchain Development Decision, and Crypto Trading Course.



Fifty-eight well-established industries and accompanying workforce professionals must prepare themselves, their team, and their organization for the disruption and benefit that blockchain technology is already bringing to businesses.  

As a student, you benefit from industry-specific knowledge of how blockchain impacts the Finance, Supply Chain, Insurance, Healthcare, Legal, and Accounting sectors, where most livelihoods will be affected. 

Courses: Blockchain for the Financial Services Sector, Blockchain for the Supply Chain, Blockchain for the Insurance Sector, Blockchain for the Healthcare Sector, Blockchain for Lawyers, Blockchain Regulatory Environment.



Strategy & Project Management

Students must learn the blockchain enterprise strategy and project management skills that the changing business landscape demands.  As businesses compete globally, leadership, creativity, and project management skills are vital to maintaining a competitive edge. 

Courses and Certificate Programs: Certified Blockchain Business Professional, Certified Blockchain Project Manager, and Enterprise Blockchain Strategy.

Blockchain Development

Developer students with two or more years of practical development experience will benefit immensely from acquiring blockchain development skills.  Developers equipped with this skillset are achieving a 10% to 40% increase in earning potential. 

Courses and Certificate Programs: Ethereum Developer, Corda Developer, EOS Developer, and Hyperledger Fabric Developer.


And More!

Students enrolling at any level have access to additional tools, courses, guest lectures, groups, and blockchain industry events.

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