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Why UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara?

In partnership with UC Berkeley Global, this program is designed for students to matriculate to UC Santa Barbara and earn a Bachelor's degree. 

Students will spend their entire university career with two of the world’s best universities supporting their academic and personal development.

Students who successfully complete the UC Berkeley to UCSB Gateway Program will have the opportunity to apply to more than 90 majors and 40 minors in a wide range of disciplines in UCSB’s rigorous academic environment. 


Program Highlights

2 full semesters with Berkeley instructors in the Berkeley Live Online modality.
Guaranteed acceptance to UCSB after completing 2nd year coursework at UCSB and Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), and meeting certain academic criteria (ie TAG).
60 Semester/90 quarter transferable units that count toward your admission application.
Extracurricular programming: academic skills workshops, personal development sessions, support in transition to college in the US, and personalized advising

The Gateway to your degree...

Freshman Year (Year 1)

Complete your first year online through the Berkeley Global. During your time in UC Berkeley, you will be an active member in a collaborative learning community of international, inclusive, and diverse students. Through the Live Online classes, you will complete General Education requirements and learn from elite Berkeley faculty. Academic advisors and mentors will support you through individualized advising and coaching.

Sophomore Year (Year 2)

In your second year, you will join the Gateway Program at UC Santa Barbara. Here you will have the opportunity to take classes in-person and enjoy the vibrant community of Santa Barbara. Complete the remaining General Education requirements through UCSB Extension and Santa Barbara City College. You will receive dedicated advising and support on permanently matriculating to UCSB as you select and pursue your major. 

Junior & Senior Years (Years 3 & 4)

Complete your major requirements and earn a degree from University of California Santa Barbara. Enjoy a rigorous academic environment at a leading research institution. 

Tuition Pricing

  - Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable): $500
  - Academic year (UCSB & SBCC): $39,500
  - Total: $40,000

How to Apply

Students who are admitted to the program and plan to complete two semesters of Berkeley Global are welcome to apply to the Gateway Program. This requirement is necessary to ensure that participants will have earned enough credits to fulfill UCSB admissions requirements and have demonstrated academic preparedness for entrance into a rigorous degree pathway.


Students who have been admitted to any undergraduate institution for the 2020-2021 academic year are invited to apply to Berkeley Global and indicate their interest in the Gateway Program. If you are accepted to the Gateway Program, you would enroll with UC Berkeley for one year, then enroll at UCSB after completing your lower-division studies in the Gateway Program and fulfilling UCSB transfer requirements.

Ready to Start?


"UC Berkeley Global is proud to partner with UCSB in offering our strongest first-year students a route to their undergraduate degree. We are excited to be the first step in your journey!"



-Sam Smith, MA, Pre-Collegiate Programs Manager, Berkeley Global