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Save time, and tuition! Combine coursework already completed at community colleges, or other higher education institutions, with our professional offerings to earn specialized certificates.

This program is perfect for...

AHC students currently earning, or who have previously earned undergraduate units (within 5 years), and have an interest in specializing further with a UCSB PaCE professional certificate.Use already completed academic units for transfer credit, accelerating your progress through our certificate programs:

- Undergrads: Enhance your university application,
- Working professionals: Boost your resume for new employment prospects
- Community members: Dive deeper into a subject you've always wanted to


BLOGCertificates increase your chances of being hired and your future earning potential!

Follow these steps to earn transfer credit:

1. Select a certificate program subject below that you are interested in, and that you have equivalent credit for.
2. Click the 'Explore' button to view the associated required coursework on the program page.
3. Review the requirements of the certificate.
4. On that same page, click the Apply for Transfer Credit button to submit your transcripts and course syllabi/outline for review.
5. A UCSB PaCE Program Manager will contact you within 48-72 business hours.

At any point, contact us at

Certificate in Strategic Investments

Courses to transfer from AHC (limit 3):

-ECON 102
-ECON 101
-ACCT 140

Once approved, remaining courses for certificate completion: 

ECON X499.1 - Intro to Financial Economics (2 units)
ECON X499.2 - Financial Statement Analysis (2 units)
ECON X499.3 - Risk and Ethics (1 unit)
ECON X499.4 - Portfolio Management (2 units)
Plus 3 units of additional electives

Visit Program Page for details

Certificate in Business Administration

Courses to transfer from AHC (limit 3):

-ACCT 132
-BUS 103
-BUS 110

Once approved, remaining course for certificate completion:

ECON X455.2 - Competitive Business Strategy (4 units)
BUSAD X450.33 - Building and Leading High-Performance Teams (4 units)
TMP X450 - Introduction to Project Management (4 units)

Visit Program Page for details

Certificate in Digital Marketing

Courses to transfer from AHC:

-BUS 111
-BUS 102

Once approved, remaining courses for certificate completion:

MGMNT X477.1 - Web Analytics (2 units)
MGMNT X479 - Business and Personal Branding (4 units)

Visit Program Page for details

Certificate in Global Business

Courses to transfer from AHC:

-BUS 140
-BUS 141

Once approved, remaining course(s) for certificate completion:

BUSAD X409.11 - International Marketing (4 units)

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